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Author Topic: [REL] Operation Monsun Environmentally & Graphics Upgrade v300  (Read 10656 times)


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Operation Monsun
Environmentally & Graphics Upgrade
Version 300

Download links for SHMF members and guests:

Operation Monsun Environmentally & Graphics Upgrade v300

Patch 6



Mirror site


The most essentiel part of readme regarding mod history and installation quoted below.

For more detailed information regarding the construction of the mod, credits to modders, sources and websites and discussion regarding the progres of OM, then please visit the thread at subsim, by clicking on the banner:

Quote from: lurker_hlb3
Operation Monsun Environmentally & Graphics Upgrade v300

The Operation Monsun Environmentally & Graphics Upgrade (OMEGU) is designed to provide a upgrade to the environment along with changes to the graphic elements. Also there will be upgrades to various sounds and crew voices to enhance the in game experience when operating in the Atlantic Theater of Operations (ATO).

OMEGU has three mods at its core, for environment upgrades, “#1 Real Environment mod install” from “NEW Real Environment mod”, Graphics and Sound “Sh3toSh4 V3_RSRDC_OM” and for plotting “OM_Plot_V300”.


Install instructions:

If you are currently on patrol, you will need to be in port to install




OMEGU and accompanying mods should "ONLY" be installed on a “stock” SH4 v1.5 after OM v720 or RSRDC v550


    * Uncompress OMEGU v300 pkg
    * You will find the following mods: OMEGU_v300, OM_Med_Env, OM_Pac_Env, OM_MultiCmd_Keys, OM_SH3_Command_Keys, AOBF 16-9 Res, OM_Harder_Escort_L1 and OM_Harder_Escort_L2.
    * Moves these mods into the MODS directory for install with JSGME

Any “non” OM/RSRDC mod that is installed “BEFORE or AFTER” OMv705, OMv705_to_v720, OMEGU, RSRDC or OMEGU v300 related mods and JSGME generates a “conflict” with any of the above mods and you continue to install the mod and RSRDC/OM/OMEGU no longer works correctly is “NOT” my problem.

Special note: AOBF 16-9 Res mod is no longer required and should be removed.

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